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Mary Jane Pullen, Licensed Massage Therapist


Testimonials from past and current clients include:




I have been a client of Mary Jane’s for 25 years.  It started after a car accident when conventional doctors and medicine couldn’t ‘fix’ me.  After a few visits I was better than I had been in years.  She keeps body and mind ticking.  Mary Jane is an exceptional healer and teacher.  She keeps learning new techniques and teaching all she has learned.

- Genafa B.

I went to Mary Jane for treatment on a monthly basis for several years before I moved out of state.  Her treatment addressed many issues, but the primary ones for me were stress and low energy, and I am convinced that the treatment also kept my immune system strong - I was never sick even when surrounded by seasonal flu and colds.  Mary Jane takes time at the beginning of each session to understand any immediate physical and emotional concerns, and the bodywork is then tailored to address these concerns.  The treatment is very gentle, and as I understand it, works to unblock energy, release stress, and promote healing.  The bodywork invariably took me to an amazingly deep and relaxing place, and I would leave so much more centered and put-back-together again.  Mary Jane brings to her work deep intuition, wisdom, careful attention, and a goal and capability to heal at all levels.  For me, working with her was transformational, all those “put-back-togethers” led to a different and better life experience.  Mary Jane truly is a healer - I cannot recommend her strongly enough!

- Dorothy, scientist

I’ve been a client of MJ’s for over2 decades.  She has a rare gift to connect with every client.  She has healing hands.

- E.B.

Mary Jane Pullen and Shiatsu Works changed my life.  I am not exaggerating.  When I went to her in 2000, I could barely raise my right arm above my head because of the tension there.  I also went in as a skeptic about so-called “alternative treatments” and about massage in general.  Not only did Mary Jane restore movement, she taught me a new way to be in my body, with mindfulness and an understanding that energy could be blocked all the way to the cellar level.  If anyone had described how Shiatsu Works would change my life both in body and in mind, I would have scoffed.  Now I would scoff if someone told me I couldn’t go back to Shiatsu Works.  Mary Jane is a master of her craft, but she is also a warm, funny, wise, attentive person.  I don’t know if shiatsu always works, but it does with Mary Jane Pullen. 

-Tim Parrish

"My experience in receiving bodywork has made such a positive difference in my life. I have developed a deep understanding of how emotional and physical problems relate (mind/body connection), and have been provided many tools with which to continue to practice and develop my skills.  My benefits include a successful outcome regarding many pain problems, finding inner peace, improving my emotional balance, and understanding the importance of improving body alignment and awareness. "

- C.B.

"I have benefited greatly from Mary Jane's sessions. I go to her monthly for stress, headaches and various muscle pain. I am a massage therapist so I know quality work. Mary Jane gets to the root of the problem and uses her array of techniques to relieve it. She is also dedicated to her skill and the knowledge of her previous teachers. In other words, she lives her profession. Besides her expertise in hands on therapy, with acupressure points and sound frequencies for alleviating health ailments, she provides words of wisdom which help me to view my life stressors in other ways, therefore calming the mind. I leave each session with a sense of well-being and my pain having subsided. And with better health I am able to work at my job better. She even told me to bring my dog in after I told her I was stressed about my dog's cancer tumors. So my dog leaves our sessions very calm as well! I highly recommend Shiatsu Works. I am so grateful to be a client of hers with improved health."

-Susan M. LMT

I have been a client of ShiatsuWorks for a number of years and can personally attest to deep benefits of bodywork. Mary Jane helped me with a number of issues from post-operative pain after knee surgery and bodily manifestations of life experience. Mary Jane’s approach is consistently attentive, kind, wholistic, and incredibly effective. She values not just delivering bodywork, but also educating her clients in ways that can help them improve their own well-being. You can’t go wrong with ShiatsuWorks.

Carol G., Registered Nurse and Health IT Specialist